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Crashes when you press Search

Went out to eat and expected to use a coupon and when I went to the restaurant and typed search, the app crashed. Great work devs!

Unknown to businesses

Tried the app at a business we go to a lot and they did not know what to do with the code I was supposed to give them. Uninstalled the app.

App is ok..

The app used to work perfectly.. but for some reason now it does not allow me to download the coupons on to my iPhone 6s. My phone is updated and everything, I've tried deleting and re-uploading the app but nothing works. Customer service was not able to help much. Other than no being able to download the coupons, the app is not bad overall.


Ok so far much rather see what the coupons for tho then to guess.


I really like this app! It is so easy to use! So convenient!

Great app!

This app is a perfect substitute for clipping coupons. I don't have to wait for the money mailer to come into the mail now i can just pull up the app. The coupons are not gimmicks that are a discount "if" (you purchase this or that) they are true cost saving and on things I use all the time. $17 oil change?!

Thank you!

Yayyyy! Works now:) thank you guys.

Horrible app

App doesn't work crashes on right away after u try to launch it. Previous versions were lot better at least they never crashed. How is app compatible with iPhone 3GS but not iphone 4??? Retarded developers!!!

Great deals, easy to use

Love this app - great local deals (the automotive deals are especially nice) and very easy to use. Quick load times for coupons (not sure why other users have an issue with this) make this a very useful, user friendly app

Don't waste your time

Says "downloading coupons" but never downloads anything. Waste of time and space. Buh-bye, app.

Fairly ineffective

Most merchants show a note to see the mailer for coupons. Then why download app?? Out of 10 merchants checked, 1 had coupons.

Downloading Coupons Never Stops

Read the reviews but thought I'd be fair and try it anyway. 11 minutes later, it was STILL looking for coupons (on my home WiFi). Evidently, it doesn’t work or has trouble sorting through local databases looking for available participating retailers (because there aren’t any??). Either way, it’s useless, a complete waste of time — just like the coupons which junk my snail mail box too.

Won't finish downloading coupons

Cannot use because it never stops loading coupons and drained battery trying. Useless. :(


Just downloaded the App recently, this a new service to my area, coupons are better than most others, would highly recommend this App for anyone that has the service available to them.

Great app!

Money Mailer just came to our area and it is great to use the app as well as the paper coupon! Pulled up several great restaurant deals right down the street!

Not that bad.

It works!


This app is worthless to me. The whole time I had it open for 3 to 4 minutes it was searching for coupons. If there are that many coupons in my area within 10 miles then I will need to take on another job by searching through them. Need to fix that.

A word of caution

I thought it was cool how the app let me add a coupon to passbook. When I went to the restaurant today and whipped out my iPhone with the scannable coupon they told me they only accept the printed copy.

Not great, offers kind of lame

There were a couple offers I would consider, but most just seem like they are "click me to see our most recent ad."


Have yet to see a single coupon. It just keeps loading and loading. Totally worthless app

Wannabe cool

No good.

Coupons not accepted

I went to a restaurant who had a coupon from the app. They would not honor it said I had to have the paper coupon.


Recently updated and it keeps crashing when I open it. iPhone 5 iOS 6.0.1. Guess I should have tried it before I needed it!


I just upgraded to November 27 release. It crashes before it starts. iOS 6.01 on iPhone 5.

Will not run

The only thing this app can do is crash. It does not run at all.

money mailer app

El Vaquero- COLUMBUS Ga does not accept app- should not be on app

The app is garbage

I have tried to use this app over a dozen times, and it has never been accepted once at any restaurant. I show them the code and they look at me and say we don't acceept this app here. I've tried it at so many places and to this day have never received a discount. The app is a joke!!!!


Awesome App. Worked perfectly on my iPhone. Lots of restaurant deals.


This is a GREAT app to find coupon savings on the go. Same great ads as the envelope I get at home, but now I can see offers around work, when I am on vacation when I am driving home from work. I love that I can find a coupon offer and directly call the business. It makes it perfect to order that Pizza on the way home from work. Thanks Money Mailer!

Not same coupons

I have the paper coupons in my hand that I just received in the mail. None of these coupons are displayed in the app.

Seems like new version has some issues

It was working fine, till I updated to the newer version. I cannot open coupons in newer version, every time I tried to open any coupons, the app shut-dwon

Not worth the time it takes to download

No good... It just crashes

Crashes on iPad

App needs to be rewritten. It consistently crashes on iPad. Do the advertisers know?


Crashes frequently.

Good idea bad app

It's useless it won't open and when if does it crashes! The idea is good

App crashes

Every time I go look at a coupon the app shuts down.


Every time I view a coupon the app crashes and closes


Wow, I love this app! My wife and I always are forgetting coupons at home and who wants to carry them around in your wallet anyway. Great solution and really fun searching our area for deals nearby wherever I'm at!

Worked well

I was able to save $$ by showing the coupon on my iPhone. I love not having to remember the paper coupon when leaving home. A Search feature would add a star.

No search??

This is such a great idea!! But The app is almost useless without being able to search. Add that in and I'll give it 5 stars!


Would give 5 stars if app included print coupon option. Otherwise, the app is worthless.


1. Most of the retailers need printed coupons. 2. No search option to search for coupons using keywords. 3. No sharing option.

Never Any Deals In My Area

Might be a great app for some areas but not me.

Perfect app for saving money

This app is gonna save so much money it's crazy and so convenient to use. There are so many places near me with coupons I use them so often.

No coverage

App is avoid idea, but it doesn't cover all areas, including my current city or my home town. Nothing in the description states this.

Excellent App

Very easy to use and save money!


The majority of retailers now ONLY accept *printed* coupons, refusing any just shown on phones. You absolutely NEED to create a sharing feature in order to allow users to send coupons to themselves (or others) to print out later. Please fix this ASAP & I'll happily amend my rating.

Super convenient

I use money mailer all the time... But now it is more portable then carrying around a piece or paper. I love using this app so much! <3 :-)

Love it!!!!

Love the convenience. Easy to use. Call feature is great.

Great application!

This app rocks! This is a great tool for those of us who can never remember to carry our coupons with us. It also allows me ti use coupons anywhere that Money Mailer services! Awesome!

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